The United States is notably one of the most sought after countries to live, people strive to experience the American dream. But, like any other countries, it has its own set of customs, culture, and way of doing things, which may differ from a student’s home country and require some learning and getting used to. We have put together some details about life in the US to help students plan ahead and adjust into the US more easily

With over 4,500 US universities offering undergraduate degrees or post graduate degrees, students have a lot of study options to suit their interests and aspirations. Students at American colleges and universities can explore numerous different subject matters. In fact, they are expected to take different courses and explore their interests in their first two years of study before declaring their choice of major at the end of the second year.

  • Double – Major

In a double major students combine two areas of study. They are expected to take the same number of courses in each respected major to qualify.

  • Major – Minor

In a major-minor students have a similar combination. The program with the lesser number of courses is considered the minor program.

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